Pamela H., Physician

"LASIK surgery has had a wonderful impact on my life. I was totally dependent on glasses and unable to wear contacts, which was a frustration with many activities. LASIK surgery was simple (for the patient!) with only minimal discomfort. My vision was perfect by the following morning, and I am everyday thankful for my sight. I wish I had opted for LASIK sooner.

I would highly recommend Dr. Salz. He was very informative, well experienced with LASIK and treats his patients well."

"My laser surgery has allowed me to have perfect vision. Dr. Salz clearly explained everything that was being done during the procedure, so I felt relaxed. Laser surgery has allowed me to drive, swim underwater, read small signs far away and see where the horizon meets the ocean."

Jennifer L., Home Teacher and Lifeguard

"It is awesome! I wake up and can see perfect.  My vision is 20/20 and LASIK was the best decision I've every made! Family members have been to him (Dr. Salz) to have the procedure done. Once I spoke with him there wasn't a doubt in my mind he would be excellent.  Thank you Dr. Salz and all of the wonderful staff."

Jennifer S.

"After meeting with several doctors, I chose Dr. Salz because he and his staff made me feel very comfortable with them. They made me feel that my case was important to them and that I would receive the best possible care. The day of the operation I was very frightened, and the staff at the clinic was so kind and patient with me that I immediately felt at ease. It has been 4 months since my operation, and I have never enjoyed something so much. It really has changed my life."

Claudia R., Production Assistant

"The last 6 weeks have been a miracle - I still can't believe it's true!  The ability to wake up in the morning and see is an indescribable blessing.  I got glasses at such a young age and had deteriorating vision every year after that.  I couldn't remember what it was like to live without glasses or contacts.  Thank you so much for your patience, gentle hand, and preciseness in restoring me to 20/20 vision.  You and your team are a class act - one that I will refer to all my friends & family.  Thanks again."

Ashlie W.


"It's amazing! I've worn contact lenses since the 9th grade. I swam in them (a big no-no) and even slept in them…just so I could see well at all times. I have dreamt of a procedure that would allow me to see well without the use of contact lenses or glasses.  Dr. Salz and LASIK have made that dream come true.

I can now wake up and see clearly, swim, go to the beach, hike, whatever I want with no worries about losing a lens and having to carry my glasses as a back up. Dr. Salz's meticulous screening and testing assured me of his dedication to have the best possible outcome for my vision. The experience at the laser center really impressed me. I was quite nervous (I believe I wore a path in the carpet from all the pacing I was doing), but the team of professionals worked so well with Dr. Salz and kept me informed of what was happening every step of the way. I knew I was in good hands!

It's important to have the procedure performed by a surgeon who is well skilled and has the patient's best possible outcome as the priority. I have recommended Dr. Salz for LASIK and still do. It's amazing!"

Lori B., Ophthalmic Assistant

"First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Salz and his staff for their excellent service and care. I felt very comfortable throughout my whole LASIK experience. My new vision is wonderful! Better than 20/20! This, to me, is truly amazing after wearing glasses for over 35 years. Excellent vision without glasses has been a new-found freedom for me, from playing sports to just walking in the rain. Even getting out of bed in the morning and being able to see across the room clearly is just fantastic. No fumbling for glasses or fighting with contact lenses. I highly recommend Dr. Salz to anyone who is thinking about having the LASIK procedure done. It is truly a wonderful thing performed by an excellent doctor."

Jay S., Avid hockey player

"After wearing glasses for 21 years and having the LASIK surgery, it is very hard to describe in just a few words the satisfaction and gratitude that I feel toward Dr. Salz and his staff. Probably the best way is to use the picture taken after my surgery. When I sat in the chair before my surgery, I saw a sign on the wall but was unable to read it. Right after the surgery, I sat up in the chair and looked at the same sign and read the words. My vision is 20/20, and life without glasses is great. I have recommended Dr. Salz to dozens of people and will continue to do so."

Neil B., engineer

"I am a martial arts and water fitness instructor. Before my LASIK procedure, I had to put up with wet eyeglasses and safety goggles. Today my vision is so sharp, I rarely ever wear glasses, and then only for reading--something I was already doing before LASIK. This summer I have plans to go diving at a coral reef. For the first time in my life, I will explore the beauty of ocean life. As far as I am concerned, LASIK is one step short of a miracle!"

Debora S., Water Fitness Instructor