"I am just so amazed to now clearly see;
Thank you so much Dr. Salz for helping me!
So glad my 'second opinion' was with you
You are truly an expert in what you do!
You thoroughly explained everything to me
And put my mind at ease about surgery.
Sending praise and appreciation your way...
Thank you so very much; what else can I say?

P. S.  With the Multifocal lens, I can now see
20/20 - the best sight ever for me!!!"

 Nancy D.

"Having the Restor implant has been great!  All my friends are in awe of the fact that at age 73, I no longer need glasses for distance or reading since my cataract surgery.  Thank you Dr. Salz for my new vision."

James Z.


Kathy enjoying her motorcycle with her new vision

"When I returned home from my office visit with you today, I was jubilant....my cataract surgery was a total success!  Thank you Dr. Salz for your expertise, your professional office staff and the kindness of everyone at the Surgery Center. Again, Thank you all!!!"

Polly, volunteer at RWJ Somerset Hospital

"It is terrific to be able to drive and read without glasses.  The colors are much better too.  I noticed the difference when I only had one eye corrected and compared it to the one to be corrected.  I was very apprehensive about having the surgery but after just one I realized how easy it was for me.  

Before the surgery, it was as if I was walking around with sunglasses on all the time.  Now I amazed at how vibrant everything appears.  I enjoy reading and watching television without glasses and I am very happy and grateful to Dr. Salz for recommending the Crystalens.  It was definitely money well spent!"

Earl W.

 "I only wish I could have had this done years earlier.  I recommend Dr. Salz and the TORIC lens to everyone.

Cataract surgery with the TORIC lens has greatly improved my life.  I had been wearing glasses and toric contact lenses to correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism for decades.  When I found out I had cataracts and could have a lens implant to correct my astigmatism at the same time, I was immediately interested.  You and your staff were very patient and answered all my questions.

During my cataract surgery, Dr. Salz talked to me and made the procedure seem easy.  I did not have any pain and was able to return to work only one day after my operation.

I just love my new vision.  Riding my motorcyle has been one of my joys but wearing glasses with my helmet was a nuisance and my contact lenses would dry out in the wind.  I now can read signs down the road and don't have to fuss with my contacts or distance glasses.  My new hobby is golf and my vision is great for that too.  It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I would highly recommend Dr. Salz and the TORIC lens implant to anyone."

​Kathy M.

Earl before and after his Crystalens Implants


Dear Dr. Salz:  You performed cataract surgery on my right eye on March 4th.  I wanted you to know you did a fantastic job!  My distance vision is now 20/20, I am driving at night and seeing perfectly.  Thank you very much and thanks to your terrific staff.

Denny S.

"It's absolutely wonderful, I have my eyesight back!

My vision had diminished so far that I was unable to drive day or night.  I limited my driving to daytime and then only for the very barest necessities, even so I was worried, I knew I couldn't see well.  One of my favorite activities is reading.  I found my vision was so blurry that I could only read for about ten minutes then I'd give up because of the discomfort I was experiencing."

When asked about her vision after the Restor IOL, Wanda relates, "I can drive again even at night without any difficulty!  I no longer miss out on my grandchildrens' events, theatre outings, dinner parties, etc. things that had become so troublesome to attend.  Dr. Salz said I may need reading glasses from time to time but so far, I have not.  I have started reading again and it's like I am young again.  I can read for hours with no discomfort at all and no glasses!  I am grateful and happy."

​Wanda S.